Magic Taxco

IMG_0214Over the past days we have been traveling around Mexico.

One of theseplaces is Taxco, located in the state of Guerrero in Mexico, which is more than what you can imagine.We found a couple of Magic places that everyone should visit.

To start, to reach Taxco, you must travel along a high way which starts in a delight sight and you get the felling of as if you are climbing a mountain. Once you feel you are in the top of the mountain, you get a welcome to Taxco – Magic Town. And it really its magical.

You can’t imagine how beautiful is this town, it’s like if you have gotten back in time and you reach the medieval times, where all the small roads are of rocks, making you reach the center of the town looking at colonial-looking buildings until you reach the city-center or Zocalo where you can see the Cathedral of Santa Prisca, a red, gourgeos church that you will definately want to step in to marvel yourself with all the beauty and the impossible fact of conceiving this town that is in the middle of the mountain…!

Just watch some of Taxco, and if you are planing to visit Mexico, you should consider Taxco!








If you are from Taxco, government or any hotel, please write to us to promote more of your city! or any other City!!!

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