Sand Sculping in Massaschusets July 2011

We are a little out of Latin America!

But we dont care! we found out of this competition, and Latinkite is about all the wonderful things in the world!


The Contests is held on Revere beach, a beach very close to Boston, and for real, we saw some incredible things!


The Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival is held annually at Revere Beach. It is one of the largest sand sculpting contests in the country! The event Is attended by over 300,000 people each year and is capped of with a concert and fireworks display over Revere Bay.

; was created for those of us with a great sense of pride in our community and even stronger feeling of emotional attachment to something that we can all relate to and remember with great fondness, Revere Beach, America’s first public beach.


The idea for was developed in 1997 by Bob Upton, a Revere Beach enthusiast who realized that the Internet would be a place where people could go to learn more about Revere Beach. Having been involved in the creation of audio and videocassette historical projects featuring Revere Beach and its rich history, Bob realized that the Internet would be a great resource. Through the tremendous support, encouragement, and help of many local historians and artists and organizations has become a reality.


And now, let me leave you with some pictures we took and after, a video of lats year competition!

Which one is your favorite? Leave your comments!

And the video from last year!


Hope you like this pictures!

<;a href="” target=”_blank”>;Revere Beach – Sculpting Tournament 2010



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